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Sunday, July 31, 2005

I'm Sorry!

I think I forgot I had a blog. No, really. Today a friend I won't see again before I leave was saying goodbye and reminding me to email her.

"Or," she said, "you could just update your blog every once in awhile. That would be as good as an email."

Hmmm, I thought, my blog. I have one of those? Oh yeah, I think it's pink.

Seriously, folks. I do apologize. But there have been a few other events, concerns, and plans keeping my mind and fingers otherwise occupied. I've been operating on an event-to-event basis. Yesterday was the One By One picnic, today was my duet recital. Next up, Candi's bridal shower on Thursday, and singing in church on Sunday. (Why, oh why, do all these things require so much prep time?)

Vietnam stories... ... they are so good. I'll have to just bit the bullet and neglect India shopping (or something) to get a couple more out. I clearly lied when I promised I'd completely finish before leaving. Well, no, I take that back. A lie is intentionally deceitful. This was more of a misunderstanding. (Or perhaps just optimism?)

We'll see what I can do. But in the meantime I have some interesting facts for you:

#1. I will be living alone for two to three weeks when I first get to India. Just my luck. Good news is I've already been invited to dine with the Andersons until my roommates get back and help me adjust to a new kitchen (and way of cooking.)

#2. In India, if I want to eat chicken, I have to go pick out a live one and have them kill it for me. (They remove the feathers, I'm told. I hope.)

#3. They don't wear or sell deoderant in India.

#4. There are no normal toilets in India. (In other words, I will be an expert at the "squatty potty" by the time Thanksgiving rolls around... wait. Hopefully WAY before that.)

#5. After August 11th, all of my girl friends will be married except two. Two!

#6. Duet recitals are way more fun than solo recitals. You're much less nervous, so you can play with much more confidence and sensitivity. Plus, you get more breaks.

#7. When someone says they'll bring cookies to a recital, it doesn't mean they will. Luckily, people never eat as many cookies as you think they will.

#8. It is now 10:04 pm.

#9. Even if you wait two years to give someone a CD you promised them, they're still grateful when they receive it.

#10. It's difficult to come up with interesting facts when you're talking on the phone.

And that's about it, folks!